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Cavity prevention is an important aspect of maintaining good oral health in the long term. While your daily oral hygiene routine and regular dental checkups are certainly critical, there are other cavity prevention methods that can help prevent tooth decay on the biting surface of a tooth.

We might recommend dental sealants if there are stuck-on food or bacterial residue on your back teeth. These areas can sometimes be difficult to clean with brushing alone. If a cavity does form deep in the tooth enamel of the biting surface, it could require a large filling to fully repair the tooth.

Dental sealants are durable, dental-grade, plastic resin that we carefully paint on the biting surfaces of your back teeth. This creates a barrier between the bacteria and the healthy tooth enamel.

We typically recommend applying the sealants right after your regular dental checkup at Smiley Dental Hampton. This ensures that the enamel on the biting surface is completely clean.

Once the sealants have been applied, we will use a special ultraviolet light to cure and harden the resin. If any residual food particles get stuck in the pits and fissures, the dental sealants will keep the bacteria from having direct access to the tooth enamel.

If you live in the Dallas, Texas, area and you have cavity prevention concerns, you should call 214.467.4800 to schedule a checkup with dental sealants at Smiley Dental Hampton.