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Because of the modern technology in the world today, adults can finally align their smiles and correct the tooth imperfections they have been embarrassed about since childhood. But did you know that there are many differences between orthodontics for adults and orthodontics for children? Well, it’s true, and we’re here to tell you what those differences are!

Adults have different oral health conditions
For children, it’s easier to transform the smile because their oral bones are still growing. For adults, it’s a little more difficult. As we age, our oral bones harden and stop growing. This makes it difficult to move the teeth. Adults also suffer from additional dental issues that make smile transformation difficult, like gingivitis, bone loss, and soft tissue aging.

Adults don’t have much room
Oftentimes, adults don’t have enough room in their smiles to correct a bite. When this happens, tooth extraction is generally the best option. However, orthodontists frequently aim to provide a functional bite rather than a perfect bite when this is the case.

Adults might have extraction issues
Extraction sites are generally difficult to move new teeth into. So, if an adult has extracted a tooth in the past, it is generally recommended to add prosthetic bone to the area. This is a beneficial solution because adult bone does not respond to pressure as well as growing bone does.

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